I start my journey as a programmer 8 years ago in my first year of college, I learn how to code in python and java.

Since then, I have learned Swift, SQL, and C++.

Right now, my main focus is the IOS development using SwiftUI API, I have experience singing CoreData, CoreMotion, CoreGraphics, and HealthKit.

I hold over 3 years of IOS developer and other two before managing databases, API calls, Linux servers and IT general experiences


Because of my formation as an engineer learn low-level profanation languages such as assembly and C for microprocessors and Arduino. These principles stick to my coding style, I always try to optimize time and memory consumption, is always good to know how a stack overflow error happens.


I consider myself part of the Do-it-yourself community, I always have different personal projects, and most of them include coding, whether is a 3D printing project or designing a circuit to implement a smart hose system.

This kind of project are the best because they make you test and learn your skills, solve personal problems, and find a new and clever solution to real specific problems, and also join new forums and join communities that are facing bugs and complications like yours is inestimable experiences


I’m passionate about sports and working out, during college I train gymnastics (4 years), and I also love rock climbing and bouldering is one of the hardest but at the same time relaxing activities that you can do. And last but not least is speedcubing, solving a Rubik’s cube in under 15 seconds is another level, I collect and try to solve all of these kinds of puzzles as fast as can

Technical skills

For the last 3 years, I have been coding mainly in Swift and SwiftUI, to make different IOS apps and solve challenging coding problems.

Python is also one of my principal languages, I use it for data and signal processing, quick projects that don’t need a user interface or some AI applications with TensorFlow.

Although I don’t use java as much, it is one of my favorites, it was my first approach to UI and app development in android and OOP, it was my principal one for over 5 years.

Doesn’t matter what kind of project, application, or language you are developing you will need to store and request data, that’s is where QRL and non-relational databases (like firebase) come in handy